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D. Rose – “Play It Cool” Video

By June 3, 2009June 5th, 2009Music, Real Life, RIK.TV

D. Rose – “Play It Cool” from Ethos Music Group on Vimeo.

I was talking to Kay at SXSW earlier this year while we were walking down 6th St, amidst thousands of drunk wannabe musicians. We were catching each other up on what projects we both had planned for the coming year, when he suddenly broke out with “I know this sounds crazy, but…”

If you know Kay, then you know that statement is usually followed by some kind of wild, left-of-center idea.

“Yall really need to do a video for Play It Cool.”

“Word?” (A very typical reply from me.)

“Yeah,  and I was thinking – I know this sounds crazy – you oughta have these background singers just pop out the background every time you get to the adlibs. I think it would look kinda crazy.”

I’m not sure what facial expression I had, but I know that it took a minute to process. It did sound crazy, but I usually turn crazy ideas into personal challenges. I agreed to do it.

When it came time to do the treatment for the video, I decided to build on the idea and throw a curve: What if you were being followed by background singers in real life?

Here’s what I really like about D Rose: I told him the idea, and without hesitation he was on board. I told my partner in crime, Big Mon – and got a sideways look – but he was down, as always. Kay was cast because the video was basically his idea. I originally cast Scottie Spitten and King Midas as the other two “P.I.C’s”, but got Savvi on board at the last second because Midas had an obligation that came up.

We had a short window in which to shoot the video because 1) It was hot outside, and 2) It was about to rain. I wish we had more outtakes, because it really was a lot of fun. Thanks to C.J. for volunteering to co-direct. His input really helped to shape the video as well.

Anyway, i’ve said enough. Enjoy the video.


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