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FWMJ Mini-Rant: Dear Guru “YOU BLEW IT!”

By April 29, 2009March 3rd, 2010Music, Real Life


  • N'tale says:

    Im A guru fan, i also like southern hip hop…. BUT, this was horrible, he sounds like he is just going threw the motions & faking it. Its pretty damn bad, beat was cliche,. Autotune??? WTF?.

    I let my boys hear it, and it was sad to see there reaction they are all guru fans… I let cats in the barbershop hear it (im from bedstuy) and heads wanted to walk out the shop..

    No matter how you slice it, this is just bad, Im all for trying new fresh stuff man, but seriously. You gotta call it like it is.


  • greenspark says:

    play the album for a child with open ears;they’ll like it.end of story( till you open up your mind)…

  • FWMJ says:

    nah, we got enough kids that enjoy the sounds of wack hip hop

  • greenspark says:

    there you go with the word “wack” again,that word is tired.i’ll bet a child would react better to this than some

    of the other music you are talking about…i do like the fact that you admit your “rant” was of the “mini” variety


  • redspark says:

    hey green/bluespark are you Solar?

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