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De La Soul “R.U.N. (Are You In?)” Nike Plus Sportmusic

By April 29, 2009Music, Real Life, RIK.TV


  • Dee says:

    I had the same problem too. I contacted Apple Support, they fixed it and then It downloaded. Use this link: They have a chat function in which they take a look at your account & resolve it. Still after all that I got the mix but still no digital booklet!

  • Nice. says:

    I thought I was the only one! Apple acts like your to blame, when they are the ones with the problems. By the way no digital book either?

  • Dj Ill One says:

    Hell yeah. I still didn`t get my download yet.

  • ChE says:

    i paid for it on tuesday and it didn’t download. itunes refunded me, but then stated that it’ s only available for u.s residents. THAT SUCKS….

  • A Brother Named... says:

    I purchased it first thing Tuesday morning and still haven’t been able to successfully download it. I’ve been corresponding back and forth with a support team member but they have yet to let me know if/when the problem will be fixed. Thankfully the gentleman I’m corresponding with is trying to assist as bes he can, but it doesn’t make up for lack of De La in my day. And now after hearing “Big Mouf” from this project, I’m getting more aggravated. This was my first purchase on iTunes and they got me feeling like it might be my last.

  • TACH says:

    I was finally able to download it about an hour ago (I purchased it on Wednesday morning). I’ve purchased about 300 tracks from iTunes over the years and this is the first time something like this has happened to me. For a company known for it’s customer support, this experienced sucked. They never informed of what the problem was, not ETA on a fix… hell they didn’t even notify me that the issue was fixed (I just keep hitting the ‘Check for Available Downloads’ through yesterday and today until the download started).

    Apple gets the Gas Face on this one… and give me my digital booklet!!!!

    I also notice the album is not listed under De La Soul in the iTunes anymore…

  • FWMJ says:

    i was able to download it finally. apparently there’s an issue with the digital booklet that messes up the download. my support guy turned the booklet off and the music downloaded fine

  • ddnnll says:

    Yup, same same issue, always got an error (though they made sure to charge my credit card quick), got two generic responses from Apple, the second one where they just gave me a full refund. What the fuck? I wanted the album, not my money back bitch!

  • Mike says:

    Have the same problem. I contacted apple, the support guy is asking for my billing information, says he wants to temporarily change my password to test my account. Also how do u turn the booklet off ???

  • JayBreez says:

    Can’t find it ..

  • nilez says:

    Does anybody know what the very last track is called? Would help me out a lot…thnx!

  • dela says:

    last track’s called “Forever” .. dope stuff!

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