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Little Brother Reunited and on Def Jam

By April 14, 2009Music

Big Dho Sez:

I guess we should start off with the good news first. As quite as it been kept, Hall of Justus Music Group have been in talks with Def Jam off an off for the past two years. Well I’m in New York with our attorney and we’re inking the deal in a half an hour or so. The other good news is the first artist to be released under our new deal will be Little Brother Tay, Pooh and 9th are back together and secretly been in the studio with 9th working on a new Little Brother Album that will be released in September.

More details to come soon.

Well, that was quick.



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  • bananaclipse says:

    idk if this is this is good, bad, or a little of both

  • Lyle says:

    Great news! I didn’t mind Little Brother at all w/o 9th, infact, I think “Getback” is the best LB album from top-to-bottom, but in the past year or so, 9th has also really stepped his game up and I think his work sounds a lot cleaner now than it used to. I’m excited.

  • dirkflowinski says:

    Yea, comeback home. “The name stays here” ~Ike Turner

    Next up…A Tribe Called Quest!!!! Let’s go!

  • After I heard the “GETBACK” I told everybody them niggas need to “GETBACK” with 9th THANK GAWD!

  • dirkflowinski says:

    Wow faster than the speed of light…My bad, maybe not.

  • king says:

    Mannnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great news! i fell good!

  • DBDR says:

    I knew this wasn’t true when I went to Okayplayer and noticed that it hadn’t spontaneously combusted.

  • Riesgo says:

    Damn this woulda been Dope. Sidebar: a Kev Brown & Little Brother album would be a dream come true.

  • king says:

    LMAO i feel for the banana in the tail pipe, it was late when i read this, but when i thought about it when i woke up i was like hell naw, the whole J league yea right LOL

  • reubthadude says:

    This is SWEET news, I was jamming the Listening today. They are still my favorite trio, they do good work together! HEY where is 9th album he suppose to put out (the Wonder Years)?

  • VIDEOKINGnotwithstanding(fill in the blank) says:

    for the record i said that they would end up on Def Jam back in 2005 but i guess that is still to be materialized. Of course i said this when i logged on to RAPPERSIKNOW/BIZZAROWORLD.COM

  • d25 says:

    illmind, Hi-Tek and Rashid Hadee were solid producers on “Getback”

    I wouldn’t mind seeing LB do tracks with the likes of Just Blaze, Black Milk and DJ Khaliyl…

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