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KO – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

By April 2, 2009RIK.TV, Shows

World Renown – Hip Hop Kemp from Ethos Music Group on Vimeo.
I was organizing some videos onto my new hard drive when I came across these two videos. In light of the recent clips where I shared some of our misfortunes on stage, I decided to share at least one that went pretty well…

The first clip is the ending of that same show where Big Mon performed his “magic trick”. As you can see, it ended pretty well. Probably the only time that we’ve performed an entire song on top of the crowd. If you look closely, you’ll see two guys being pretty affectionate on stage (no-not us).

As I sorted through more footage, I came across another clip that didn’t show my best moment. During the 3rd verse of the song I attempted to jump out into the audience. Big Mon was already out there handling business. My landing probably wasn’t the smoothest. Mon was disappointed, so he pushed me out there again for a second try. I wasn’t really ready for that. I dragged my carcass back on stage, exhausted from the second jump, only to get pushed in again.

World Renown – Wil, Switzerland from Ethos Music Group on Vimeo.


Founding member of K-OTIX / The Legendary KO. Unheralded jack of all trades. Spends most of his time these days creating moving pictures and writing some of the best material he's ever written. Likes dogs. Cats - meh.


  • king says:

    MY nikkus go hard LOL!!!

  • savv says:

    raw. uncut. pure. dope

  • VIDEOKINGnotwithstanding(fill in the blank) says:

    you really have to appreciate the love you get overseas. i don’t remember k-otix doing a show here in Houston and equal the amount of people that was at that show out of all the times i’ve seen them!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIDICULOUS ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ish says:

    uh…1:44 in the first video…..”We Don’t Do That Shit!!”….wtf? That dude straight kissed that other dude. K-O gets the homo love too!

  • Ldavoice says:

    Lmfao at the last vid. D, i would of wooped mike after that 3rd time he threw you into the audience. Did you fall back 1st? LOL. That ish was crazy. I love how you fell when you got back on stage, and then…………..silence, and then you jumped back on it. “True MCing”

  • VIDEOKINGnotwithstanding(fill in the blank) says:

    LMFAO………………. I don’t know what happens past 2:38 on the second video. Ijust keep rewindin that shit LMFAO :) “IT’S LIKE THIS IT WON’T HAPPEN TIL I’M GONE WAIT A S……..” then ALL YOU SEE IS A SHOE LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Damien says:

    Shoe? What shoe? Your screen must be tripping… Probably dropped some frames when I encoded the video. Yeah – that’s it.

  • DBDR says:

    Damn, that crowd must be hella strong to lift Charles Barkley in the air like that….oh, that wasn’t him, nevermind then.

  • Carl Phys says:

    Yeah Man. World Renown was my joint. Still Is. That’s you know it’s a classic. This one of Are’s sickest beats to me amongst the rest.

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