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Hermann Deza “The Only Way Is Up” – Part I

Hermann Deza, a french photograher aslo called “the soulcatcher“, was missing since December 26th (see our post about it). He was unfortunaly found dead february 6th. This truly sad event made me look back at his work and realized how good he was. I always liked to look at his work, you know he is like those Richard Louissaint or MelDCole but for Paris. One of these photographers that try to show the world about the things that happen in their city, mostly musicaly but not only. What’s up in the Hip Hop and Soul community in Paris. He did that well. Each show he was there taking pictures. He was aslo here at some Hip Hop parties as Jazzefiq that partly became famous thanks to the pictures sessions. Yes, going to party and having a GREAT picture (or even several if you stayed sit for a while) made people come.
So I wanted to show you his work, some people already know him through Flickr. I will show you his work in two parts. The first one will be his friends+music activists & the Jazzefiq parties. The second one will be the Artists & his last project called “Up in Smoke“.

Here you go :

Friends of him + music activists

1. Weeneïs – 2. Gabe, organized some soul shows in Paris – 3. Jax – 4. Albert, best friend and great manager – 5&6. Kirikou – 7. Leroy, photographer and fashion design creator – 8. Lenny, organized parties in Paris – 9. Heger, a good and funny writer – 10. Valerie


As you can see he did some really nice pictures during these parties. It used to be each month or every two months with always the same djs and some good hip hop music. Hermann would be in the back of the place where the couch are and take pictures most of the night and have fun with people.
I remember seing him for the last time at those parties. It was in January 2008, one day before to leave for my year in NJ. Good memories.


  • objektivone says:

    Amazing pictures. It is sad to see such a good artist leave the world. His pictures have so much texture, and it is strange because most of the colors in his photo look desaturated a little so they are softened, but then there are some colors that are vibrant!

    Great photos.

  • seher says:

    ohhh, i like the one with the shoes…

  • seher says:

    they’re actually all really dope and inspiring.

  • Wow, I remember joining flickr a few yrs ago. I can’t front, Hermann was one of the photographers I came across up there who inspired me to start doing what I do…His black and white high contrast photos where amazing….and the way he captured people was incredible, hence his “soul catcher” moniker. He will be missed. Fortunately his work will live on for generations to come. Good piece my dude…

  • rich louis says:

    This is some good work.

    it was sad when mpozi passed as well. i only got to speak to him on okayplayer but never got to meet him

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