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Karriem Riggins – Music Kaleidoscope

By March 24, 2009Misc, Music

I remember one of the last beats (~45:45) from a beat tape Karriem gave Chris “Daddy” Dave for The Foundation’s first album a few years ago. Aww, that good ol Foundation & Little Brother track that never came to light.

Karriem Riggins “Music Kaleidoscope”

This features original music, beats (!!!) and remixes all done by the one and only Karriem Riggins.

Courtesy of the homie Andres and SHOOK Magazine.

Karriem Riggins “Ride Music” Instrumental


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  • Laurent says:

    thank you for the info.
    maybe i try my luck and mail Phonte, ’cause if this track will never come out on an official release, it’d be too bad it never gets heard.

  • E.Classic says:

    sounds in the city…city in the sounds
    stay in constant motion…gotta get around
    stay on the grind, wake up in the morning
    its about time, i hate the sunshine…

    gotta go to work
    8-o-clock traffic aint no punk in the city
    cant change lanes people strange in the city….

    i guess they just piss like me…
    need to take some time off clean air to breathe
    seeing….people scramble from
    building to building….. like ants to beds

    control chaos, green lights and reds
    stop and go….
    get some krispy cremes and some juice and blaze
    better yet, call in cuz it aint my day..
    watch black caesar in the bed i lay
    with the pen and the pad and i contemplate

    can i get paid? in the city.

  • Ozbizzy says:

    Where can i get the first “Foundation Project” I have the Second one …I so need the first one

    Please Advise

  • mikecheck says:

    How do you download the mix? This shit’s fire!!!

  • Bigpookie1974 says:

    DAM!!! Please tell me where can i get this???

  • STEF says:

    how are more ppl not amped about that ride music shit? its amazing…

  • Traestar says:

    Ayo FWMJ do you have the tracklist??

    If not, on 17:55, whats the sample of that song??

  • fats says:


    funny you posted this as the same day you posted the link i had posted earlier that day on twitter (@durda). great minds think alike huh. most of either karriem, madlib, or their collabos are that shit.


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