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There Can Only Be One – D Rose Teaser / Everything Happens

Today’s preview comes courtesy of the very talented D Rose.

I’ve been trying, for the last several days, to figure out when and where I met D Rose. I remember watching him and his former crew performing on the same showcase that we did about 10 years ago. I remember us facing his crew in a three on three basketball tourney that went to about 5 overtimes in 100-degree weather. I recall Big Mon and myself fouling him so hard (allegedly) one time that his hand got broken. (Ain’t no paint!) Then I woke up one morning and realized that we had about 6 songs in the can with him. Ironically, it wasn’t until the recording of Taster’s Choice in early 2008 that I realized we both went to the same high school! Such is the story of Donald Rose.

I’ve always considered D Rose to be the “everyman” of lyricists. He has a style and presence that seems so familiar, even if you’re hearing him for the first time. He’s the person that you met yesterday, but feels like you’ve known all your life. He’s been a part of every project that we’ve worked on over the last several years. In fact, what impresses me most about him is his willingness to put in work whenever and wherever.

As I mentioned before, I was honored to work with him and DJ Cozmos during the recording of Taster’s Choice. He’s a man with a vision, and had the entire album laid out before he even set foot in the booth to record. A typical 3-hour session saw no fewer than 5 songs recorded. He was already plotting out Taster’s Choice II while we were wrapping up the first. That’s vision.

When it came time to record “There Can Only Be One”, he was the first one on deck and was ready to go. If you haven’t heard him before, I highly advise you to keep an eye on him from now on. Everything that he touches will be a classic.

Check this out:

KO “Everything Happens For A Reason” featuring D. Rose



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