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  • thomasv(troyblog) says:

    DBDR, you’re a faggot.

  • FWMJ says:

    hey thomas, that wasn’t very nice :(

  • DBDR says:

    he mad….he mad…

  • thomasv(troyblog) says:

    I don’t have a problem with you FWMJ, I respect you work…

    but DBDR, “That is hilarious. I guess he had the only copy of XXL available in the world.”, That wasn’t very nice either :(
    I actually took my time to scan the article, give me some respect too…

  • FWMJ says:

    i didnt know it was your work, i just saw a post on okayplayer.

    give me a link to where u want me to link to and i’ll make sure everyone knows it was your scan.

  • DBDR says:

    1. Calling somebody a faggot b/c they made a fairly benign comment on a message board is wild emotional and “busterish” to borrow from Jamie Foxx.

    2. Did you really just demand that people give you respect for being able to work a scanner? That is comedy.

    3. FWMJ pulled the scan from OKP–I saw the post on OKP–those scans aren’t even the same scans you made! Those scans are actually better and don’t have the edges cut off, and are also 6 files instead of the 9 you turned it into. So again, b/c somebody else read the article and had the same thought you had, to share it with the public, everybody owes you “respect” or “credit”? That is crazy talk.

    4. You are really not doing yourself any favors by going around to each person that has linked to FWMJ’s post and begging for props–especially since the article scans are not the same as yours.

    5. Free advice: get offa blogspot and get some hosting so you don’t have to send everything to megaupload, etc. Having to deal with a filesharing site for a magazine article is super low-budget. Probably one of the main reasons (along with the PR remix of Street Dreams) that more people are linking back to RIK has the article hosted and viewable w/o having to deal with Rapidshare, etc.



  • thomasv(troyblog) says:

    #3. Thanks for pointing that out, I didn’t notice that they weren’t really the same scan.

    You’re right, he probably had the same thoughts as me to share the article to the public but I went to OKP and I noticed that he posted that a few hours after me… nothing big, but you saying that his scans were better is just pointless. He didn’t even scan the intro page + the 2hi-res pics of Nas.

    FWMJ, you don’t really have to give me credit since these aren’t my scans, but if you want to add the intro+2pics that I included, you can…


  • Jeeez Uskrïst says:

    in other words, blah blah blah for nothin…moron!

  • thomasv(troyblog) says:

    Jeeez Uskrïst

  • Tre says:

    damn thanks for posting this article

  • Tre says:

    wheres that PR remix

  • Pee Duble says:

    Look out for ILLTRAVIS, a remix of Nas’s classic album with new production, using the original samples. and Peace!!

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