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Grand Theft Auto 4 Lost & The Damned

By February 22, 2009Misc, Real Life


  • That was fun! Are you guys planning to do that again soon?

  • FWMJ says:

    I’m not sure Moulio, but man were you lightin my ass up *pause*


    I’ll ask E Boogz, she set it up for us. Good playing with you, I’m gonna reconnect my at home XBOX to my modem and get back on sooner or later.

  • Stefen says:

    Heh, my GTA4 disc got scratched up right when I decided to buy Lost and Damned.

    Irony’s a bitch.

  • LOLza! Holla if you get that XBOX live up and running, it’s much more fun to shoot the shit with a bunch of rappers and hip hop bloggers!

    I was ignorant to the fact that you guys were showcasing at SXSW! My boy David Dallas is showcasing there too, he’s looking to link up with other rap cats while he’s there. Peep his site here www. daviddallas. co. nz, we just upped the new single/video this week. Hit me up on the email if you’re keen to link up!

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