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Trek Life – Price I’ve Paid Instrumentals

By January 16, 2009Misc, Music, News, Premiere, View All

New Money, Oddisee’s remixes of Trek Life’s Price I’ve Paid is out on Mello Music Group now on iTunes and will be available on CD this spring. Plus a new full-length from Trek Life & Oddisee coming later this year. That’s dope!

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“Black Music” Instrumental Produced by J. Bizness

“Black Music” (Remix) Produced by Oddisee


Beats by J. Bizness, DJ 360, Just Beats, J. Thrill, Diverse, Rhettmatic, DJ Khalil, Kev Sakoda, Evidence, Porse, Babu, Trek Life

1. Black Music produced by J. Bizness
2. Enjoy Yourself produced by DJ 360
3. Hold Me Down produced by Just Beats
4. Long Time Comin’ produced by J. Thrill
5. Big Picture produeced by DJ 360
6. One Idea produced by J. Bizness
7. Whole World produced by Diverse
8. All Times produced by Rhettmatic
9. I Am produced by DJ Khalil
10. I’m Gone produced by Kev Sakoda
11. Mind Right produced by Evidence & Porse
12. Price I’ve Paid produced by Kev Sakoda
13. Still Here produced by Diverse
14. Hard Word produced by Babu
15. Last Joint produced by J. Thrill
16. Maintain Excellence produced by Babu
17. produced by Trek Life
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Trek Life “Mind Right” produdced by Evidence”


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