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Info Red & Rob Viktum – Kaleidoscope Viktumized

By January 12, 2009Music, Premiere, View All

The homie Rob Viktum sent me this joint a minute ago, and I been trying to get caught up. Nick tha 1da, you next man!

“Who Am I” Produced by Rob Viktum

“Something To Say” Produced by Rob Viktum

“The Ghetto” Produced by Rob Viktum


Info Red & Rob Viktum
Kaleidoscope Viktumized

Rhymes by Info Red
Remixed Entirely by Rob Viktum

1. Who Am I
2. What I’m Writing For
3. Attention Please
4. State of the Art
5. On The Move
6. I Can’t Lose
7. They Wanna Know
8. Something To Say
9. The Ghetto
10. Trigger Went Boom
11. All For You
12. Off The Pages
13. Kaleidoscope
14. 5 Star Generals
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