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Khrysis On The Boards With The Heat Vol.2

By December 17, 2008Misc, Mixtapes, Music, Premiere

fyi: these are all instrumentals!!!
and now a messages from the homie…

Peace Everyone,

My good friend and producer extraordinaire, Khrysis from the Justice League, and myself have done a mix tape project called “Khrysis On The Board With The Heat 2” over the summer (the first installment was done by Mick Boogie). Basically, it is a collection of all his production that he has done in the last year in a half. If you’re not familiar with Khrysis’ work, he has done production for LIttle Brother, Sean Price, Heltah Skeltah, Evidence of Dilated Peoples (check out “The Layover”), & his own group The Away Team, just to name a few. Check out his credentials:

So think of this as a “Beat CD done in a mix tape format”, freaked “Beat Junkie Style” by yours truly.

We originally wanted to press this up, but unfortunately we never had a chance to, so we decided to leak it free to everyone for the Holidays as well as providing some material for people for the meantime while we both are working on our prospective projects. So please spread the word, share it with your peoples, post it up on your blogs, whatever you wanna do….we hope that you will enjoy this mix and we appreciate the love as well.

Khrysis and myself will probably work on another mix in the near future when he is ready to drop his solo debut album, but for the meantime…enjoy. Happy Holidays people…see you in 2009.

Beat Junkies


Khrysis On The Boards With The Heat 2

All beats produced by Khrysis – Mixed by Dj Rhettmatic

1. Intro
2. King Kong (Sean Price)
3. Awesome (The Away Team)
4. The Rap Game (Cormega ft. Little Brother)
5. Still Here (LEGACY)
6. Hearing Aid (Sean Price)
7. That N*gga (Jozee Mo)
8. Talkin Dirty (Ness)
9. Cool As A Fan (Little Brother)
10. Back At It (Little Brother)
11. Money On The Table (The Away Team)
12. N*ggaz Is Commin (Torae ft. Tash)
13. Starvation (LIttle Brother ft. Chaundon)
14. Can I Live (Chaundon)
15. Crazy (Rapper Big Pooh)
16. Keep It To The Side (Rapper Big Pooh)
17. Greedy (The Away Team)
18. After The Party (Little Brother)
19. Waitin On You (Kenn Starr)
20. Sick Em (Smif-N-Wesson)
21. One (Sean Price)
22. Something To See (Torae)
23. Psycho Ward (The Away Team ft. Sean Price)
24. Word Has It (Supastition)
25. Rize (Median)
26. Sum Of Me (The Away Team ft. Evidence)
27. Gun Rap (Smif-N-Wesson)
28. JM Heartbreak (Jozee Mo)
29. The Weirdo Zone (Joe Scudda)
30. Told You That (Chaundon)
31. Real Late (Peter Rosenburg ft. Phonte)

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  • Bright says:

    It’s »Justus League« not »Justice League«. (Like that dude from The Roots some days ago messing up H.I.S.D.’s name. Think his name was summin like Uest-forgot the rest. Not sure though.)

  • VIDEOKINGnotwithstanding(fill in the blank) says:

    ^”that dude from the roots” LOL

  • Minus says:

    Well this no where near as bad as the other mess up. For some reason I can excuse this one.
    Anyway thanx for the ZIP Slop.

  • Jubei208 says:

    Khrysis has always put out consistently good production. I’ve seen people type Justice alot when mentioning the Justus League. What ?uestlove said about H.I.S.D. he must have started listening to them. If he really is feeling them and listening to their music like I am, he won’t continue screwing up the acronym.

  • SMC says:

    KHRYSIS!!! Always comin with the heat. Good lookin on the dl, always lookin to bump some new Justus League. Met him in Greensboro a couple years ago at a little brother show, really cool cat, very chill. NC!!

  • slop says:

    you can blame rhett for the typo. lol

  • This is Fire!

    Happy New Years!!!

    Keep em Bursting!

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