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FWMJ & DJ Ness @ 92Y Tribeca with Rosenberg & DJ Premier

By December 12, 2008February 14th, 2009Interviews, Mixtapes, Music, Premiere, Real Life, RIK.TV, Shows

Peter Rosenberg interviews DJ Premier on stage. The BEST rap producer and beat maker still living. I was rocking the Kyte phone doin’ live streaming when I EPIC FAILED the entire internet because the battery died. Plus I was shaking the camera a bunch, but whatever. At least you get to see me order some deviled eggs with cavier & wasabi. Mayne hole up, it’s goin’ dahn! Kyte Video player after the jump with an extra crisp video clip from DJ Ness

Rappers that don’t aspire to want to rock a primo beat of their own one day, are a different breed i probably don’t like so much.

Primo talks “Nas Is Like”

Primo talks “Unbelievable”

Primo talks “Best Emcee”

Rosenberg & Premier

Rob Swift, Rosenberg, & Premier

10 Deep Display Mannequin, Gigi, DJ Ness


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