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Bump ’em or dump ’em? Should Jay finish these or chuck ’em? 2 more songs to come.


FWMJ & Jay Electronica present
Scratches & Demos Volume I

Rhymes by Jay Electronica
Beats by Jay Electronica, Denaun Porter, & Beat Autopsy
Design by FWMJ
Additional Photography by Marie Alisha Schockweiller

1. Annakin’s Prayer
2. Hagler (Demo)
3. Not Too Far From Nothing

Founder of Rappers I Know and Art Director to the Stars...of the Underground. Follow him on Twitter @fwmj.


  • Ty says:

    Intros to each song seem way 2 long

  • Awesome says:

    DAMN…jay if you DON’T keep that hagler track I swear to god as a big fan I’m going to be so fucking pissed with you. That track is so ill…wow too many quotables.

  • Fras Left says:

    Yeah!! that hagler (Demo) produced by Denaun Porter is the heat !

  • OB says:

    Hagler is ill. The other two could use some work.

  • big dean says:

    yo u a beast jay.

  • cya says:

    Finish Hagler and Not Too Far From Nothing, both sound potentially epic.

  • relevance says:

    Not really feeling the first 2 but that “Not Too Far From Nothing” has crazy potential… beat is hard.lyrics are tight. but you gotta murder that beat tho and you’ll have a keeper.

  • M Streetz says:

    I have 2 beat CD’s full of production just for Jay Electronica…. holla at me [email protected]

  • t says:

    jay when r u coming out so i can invest my 12.00 dollars

  • UnIvsall says:

    Whatever you do keep Annakin’s Prayer, the track is a marriage to your style. I was blown anyway when I heard it, only you and MF Doom could pull this one off! Not too Far From Nothing is dope as well but not really feeling Hagler as of yet. But I’m ready for whatever you drop, it’s a new day!

  • Chrioni says:

    Annakin’s Prayer is brilliant.
    Lyrically Crown Chakra.
    With the Third Eye staring
    Glare can
    Crack, glass jaw Nagas with the Osirian Opera.
    I’m the Omnipotent Occular
    Rapper with a problem, bruh…

    Soon, Jay, we’ll rhyme together. When I came across your music I found hope; I found a fellow traveler. I’m in Atlanta; right by CP. I’m out here. Peace.

  • Chrioni says:

    I apologize for not giving a full critique. Keep them all. They’re all beautiful. Any creation that you originate should be cultivated. You’re learning to channel/translate the implicate; this should not be subject to critique or abbreviation. If you don’t want to include it on Abra- find another medium. Once you put energy into a project, regardless of scale, you breathe life into it. There is no virtue in stunting positive energy. Your music is positive.

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