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By November 13, 2008Misc, News, Preview, Real Life, RIK.TV


  • Minus says:

    Mavrek told me about The Watchmen a few years ago, but I just started reading & finishing it. If you don’t like reading comics, you’ll enjoy this one. If you been thinking bout reading comics, I’d say Watchmen is the perfect starting point. I am very impressed with this trailer. Can’t wait!

  • marie says:

    Minus resume well lol
    I don’t read comics. I’m reading Watchmen that i borrow to Frank and i’m loving it, i’m starting chapter 4 ! I LOVE IT =)
    I’m really susprised that i love it, because i don’t read comics at all, i read novel, poems etc but never if not when i was younger with my brother, read comics !

    The movie looks good. DAMN i wish i could be there in MArch to see it : ‘ ( I don’t want to see it in french!! booh

  • Damien says:

    i’m there. IMAX. bitches.

  • DreKing says:

    Mayne it is truly a great time to be alive…Alan Moore finally let them make a Watchmen movie, Obama is the president….two things I thought I wouldn’t see in my life…well maybe the whole black president, but a Watchmen movie…nah!

  • Heinz says:

    that looks nuts..but y he talking like Batman? lol same lame ass voice…

  • DBDR says:

    I’m no comic book geek, but I do want to see it. I just gotta wait a month or two after it comes out so all of the fan boys can go see it for the 100th time first.

  • Wraithe Fantum says:

    mayne hold up…. who will be there to save us?

  • sweeney says:

    this shit will not be as good as it needs to be,

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