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H.I.S.D. & K.O. “Summer So Good” Video

By November 12, 2008Music, Premiere, RIK.TV


  • VIDEOKINGnotwithstanding(fill in the blank) says:

    THE VIDEOKING HATH SPOKEN. two for atliens and THREE for stankonia. Next issue obama or mccain???????? Waitaminit thats been solved.

  • VIDEOKINGnotwithstanding(fill in the blank) says:

    and i just turned 29. membership is still active. (24 clock ticking……….)

  • Joy says:

    (warning: more content totally unrelated to “summer so good”)

    Lord knows that i was ready to let it all go, but…

    on the cool…atliens just was not all that to me. i overlooked that cd like i overlooked that short man trying to solicit my phone number whilst at the corner store. “elevators” was clever, “decatur psalm” was cool, etc., but stankonia is my sh*t. it would be a shame to “cross” you, DBDR, so i am really glad that i am not yet over 30. you can unroll that newspaper.

    btw…DBDR. i was wrong. i have seen your face before! in fact, i have pictures of your face! (no stalker)

    now, chew on this:

    outkast :: the beatles
    goodie mob :: simon & garfunkel


  • Damien says:

    Man……we had so much fun making this video…..
    {awkward silence}

  • Joy says:

    it looked like fun, too.

    kudos to you dudes because the alpha and omega of this sh* is that “summer so good” (song and video) are the sh*t.

  • DBDR says:

    If I had known that you thought “ATLiens just was not all that to me”, I definitely would have not invited you to the wedding. Or hung out with you at the Sade concert. Or dapped you up on every occasion that I’ve seen you. And you’re not 30 yet? D–do I need to call shenanigans?

    Growing Old is one of my favorite songs ever. Answer me this–is the worst song on ATLiens better/worse than the worst song on Stankonia (glances over at Xplosion). You already know my answer.

    One thing I will give you, ATLiens is a much darker (even angrier) album than Stankonia, which can make it not as enjoyable a listen at times. But I still love that album. Just not as much as Southernplayalistic. Andre’s verse on D.E.E.P. is still one of my favorites (short list: Mos Def on Thieves in the Night, Bun on Murder, Pos on I Am I Be, Monche on Bring It On…)

    Back to the video–it definitely looked like fun. I’d just like an excuse to wear shorts again. I’m damn near opaque at this point–I’m starting to look like one of the folks that caught that shit on I Am Legend.

  • Damien says:

    Right now, i’d bump The Love Below before I bumped either one of those.

    Kay’s “Dada” video should hit this week.

  • Joy says:

    look, DBDR. let’s not allow atliens vs. stankonia to destroy what we had. you must continue to dap me up or down! “i still really, really love you…love is stronger than pride” (and atliens). : )

    btw…i am at the “a woman never tells her age” stage of my life, which is confirmation that i am in fact over 30. lol

    …and i prefer the term “tomfoolery” to be used in reference to my actions. (smiles)

    now…let us all go back and meditate on the “summer so good” video – and- pray that DBDR gets some sun on those “light-skinded” legs!


  • p says:

    the vid gets better every time i whatch it

  • Thuro says:

    Dope lyrics, dope beat, dope video… Much respect from Dallas…

  • Haama says:

    i can’t forget about their show on hip hop kemp 2003, it was dope

  • cool shit

    a new golden era perspective, for sure

    – spirit

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