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By September 26, 2008Music, Real Life


Panthelion is a San Francisco Bay Area trio consisting of upright string bass, trumpet, and Cajon, a Peruvian slave-drum. From its jazz and classical roots, Panthelion has grown in new directions using urban and tribal grooves and melodies. This is not your grandpa’s jazz combo. Despite such monumental roots, Panthelion delivers a unique, youthful, and hip sound.


“Panthelion – Blue At Midnight”

I remember, in December last year, I received a message from one of them. The title of the message on myspace was “fight the sadness“, when my “mood” was on “sad”. With a nice, deep, quick message. Then i cliked on the myspace link… It was a band. I listened, and wondered “how can i fight the sadness with a song like Blue at Midnight“. But I really felt the music, really sad tone, and it was what i liked actually. Made me think of a movie’s music. Then i listened to the others songs and loved it. They are one of those new jazz crew who put together old music, traditionnal music, jazz and new musical orientation, more “urban”. And i really appreciate this kind of group as Panthelion. There is a lot of new jazz group, and sometimes i get tired of it, as they sound all the same. But i think this one is a little different.

“Panthelion – Dark Waste”

“Panthelion – Duso Moja LIVE in Tracy”

“Panthelion – Goodbye 339 string arrangment”

“Panthelion – Ink”

“Panthelion – Milla sings Duso Moja”


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