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Symbolyc One 4th Quarter Beat CD

By September 25, 2008Beat Tapes, Music


  • SquarerootZ says:


    It was like a car or a train wreck, once it started I couldn’t take my eyes off it, even though I should look away…beat was hot though…funny as hell, especially dudes faces while he was I guess dancing…

  • c.blak says:

    “jackin midgets”

    that’s why i love beat tapes/cds. the titles are always attention grabbers. you just have to find out what a track called “jackin midgets” sounds like. (hahaha).

    loving the tracks. thanks for the share bruh.

  • CK says:

    cassette union is raw i liked some of the joints off bottom of the map better but all this is real nice good ups

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