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Papa Jazz Part II

By September 21, 2008September 26th, 2008Music, RIK.TV

Okay just one comment for the Part I… I hope the part II will be better !

PapaJazz did a lot of collaborations with different artists, french or american, and even Swedish, as Kissey Asplund, Polo and Trema-Art produced all the album called “Plethora“. Some good stuff are coming soon as a collaboration with Sarah White.

Here is a little selection of remix and featuring/collaborations i like.

“Kissey Asplund – The baddest”

“Kissey Asplund – Remix Knjazz”

“eLgAtONeGwO – Urban Poets”

“Kn Will – Beautiful”

“Camille – do you”

“Remix Busta Rhymes”

“Trema-Art – The Roots Remix”

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