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  • Kari says:

    They need to drop “get that hate out yo head”.

    – A Boy off Botany

  • Chic Pazzion says:

    Yeah I heard yall niggaz got yall lights cut back on & shit. Gotcha li’l ole music posted up huh? But you can’t roll through & pop, sip or smoke somethin’ with a bitch? I ain’t never had nothin but HOOD LOVE fah yall, but it’s all cool, cuz when I seez yall down on yo azz, I’m chunkin up da motherfuckin deuce. now see that shit coming with bubble eye lights. Yall lucky I ain’t dat young dumb azz hoe I used to be.

  • Jim E. Codiene says:

    I’m from dat Deadend where we slide hoe ass niggaz all dam day. Fuck witcha boy. I’m the only nigga dat got dem 3 fah ten. yuh!

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