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D. Rose & DJ Cozmos – Taster’s Choice

By September 10, 2008April 24th, 2010Mixtapes, Music, Premiere, Real Life


Before Rappers I Know was Rappers I Know, D. Rose, Kay, and myself were at Beatfarm North, on the north side of Houston. It was January 13, 2005 and Kay had just finished recording The Talk Show with the exception of a few final edits and mix downs. After listening to beats all day in the studio, we decided to take a break and went to Wendy’s to get some food.

The same problem we’ve always had, we’ve got all this dope music, but no real way to put it out. Several months later, was born out of that frustration and we just started giving things away, a trend you’ve probably seen all over the web the last 2 or 3 years, even from some of the very artists who were the loudest and up in arms about it. You’ve already heard the Talk Show, and if you haven’t, it’ll be out again in the physical and more officially.

Now you have Taster’s Choice, a collaboration between DJ Cozmos and D. Rose. Coz has been one of my favourite producers since I moved to and lived in Houston. Getting a hold of some of his beat tapes was especially a treat, or loose songs with his group Seedz of Soul that either DJ Cipher or Damien would send me. I can’t count the number of beat tapes we rock to up here in the offices at HOT 97 (my doing of course), it’s just a matter of getting some songs out there that people can mess with.

Anyway, this is another project that I stand behind wholeheartedly, and I hope you give it a listen.

“For The Jeeps”

“Revolution (Something I Just Wrote)”

“Wonderful” featuring John O, Priest, Affion Crockett, & Brew


D. Rose & DJ Cozmos
Taster’s Choice

Produced by DJ Cozmos
Vocals D. Rose
Guest Vocals Median (Justus League), Damien (The Legendary K.O.), Donwill (Tanya Morgan), Scottie Spitten (H.I.S.D.), Big Mon (The Legendary K.O.), John O, Priest, Affion Crockett, & Brew (Dark Sunz/Lower Life Form)
Guest Production King Midas & Damien (The Legendary K.O.)
Photography & Design FWMJ


1. Taster’s Intro
2. A Beautiful World
3. For Da Jeeps
4. Dream featuring Median
5. Get Dat Dough
6. Play It Cool featuring Damien (The Legendary K.O.)
7. It Goes On w/ Kashmere Don & Cozmosis Hayes
8. A Blues For Trust
9. Revolution (Something I Just Wrote)
10. What U Want Prelude
11. What U Want featuring Damien (The Legendary K.O.) & Donwill (Tanya Morgan)
12. Lisa (Stay True)
13. Safe Bet featuring Scottie Spitten (H.I.S.D.) & Big Mon (The Legendary K.O.)
14. Wonderful (Extra Cut) featuring John O, Priest, Affion Crockett, & Brew (Lower Life Form)
15. Keys of Life
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  • slop says:

    i’ve been bumpin’ this shit for X days straight… the more i listen, the more i LOVE this album!

  • Dutchmassive says:

    You know….. I gotta god that there are people out there who put so much into they music still….

    I woke up today from my Ex calling me saying my two best friends are in the hospital barely breathing, jaw broken, one with nose broke and staples in his head, and this is coming from the girl who just broke up with me and said it was because I was a broke emcee, only to find out its because she found another Dude…

    I havent even told anyone about any of this or that we broke up, so holding it all in has been hard….. but then I heard for the Jeeps, and it made me feel good…..and wonderful as well….. So I gotta thank Frank, Kay, Rose for making music that really just uplifted my spirits in a really bad time…….

    I’ll be sure to play “for the Jeeps” on my guestmix for OperationHotcombs (afromentals) this month…. Im putting together the mix now, and Im glad this is gonna make it on there! thank you guys…


  • radremm says:

    Been jamming this for a minute and it’s dope. It was inspiring to see D.rose record “Get that Dough’ in one take. Love that joint.

  • coach says:

    high frequency vibrations

  • matt says:

    i can’t believe $hit like lil wayne is on top with these bomb ass tracks underground. the world is stupid.

  • cwj says:

    Uh. zip link not working? (sniffle)

  • p j says:

    very nice d and coz fire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ADAMC.LRM says:

    “wonderful” is the joint! drums are killin it.

  • tailor_187 says:

    One of the greatest stuff ever……marvellous beats with hipnotic sound. It is taster’s choice…

  • passpass says:

    dope! thats what it is. just one regret… one of the beats in the video tha they didn’t use DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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