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Scottie Spitten – S Car Go

By September 3, 2008September 15th, 2008Music, Premiere, Real Life


  • savv says:

    “get up yea yea like we got spirit” hahahahaha….. yes!

  • PnmaB says:

    Valentine’s dinner, after the come up..nice set up.
    S.Spitten..take em out like Wisdom teething..

  • you muddafugga! i was gonna drop this on the next Gordon Gartrell!

  • Token Hater says:

    sounds like the same sample from “Get It Together” by Beastie Boys & Q-Tip, only their song was a lot better

  • p j says:

    song is hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!should be a nascar’s track when a event starts and token hater quit acting like spit from beatstreet

  • ameer says:

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