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The Niyat – Vector Prime Mixtape

By September 2, 2008May 1st, 2020Interviews, Mixtapes, Music, Premiere, Press

***edit: I can’t afford to have you people sleep on these joints, so if you ain’t download the entire .ZIP, you need to play these joints, and then get ya mind right.

“The Struggle” produced by The ARE

“Independence” produced by Khalif

“Nose Bleeds” produced by OH NO!

“We Got It” produced by The ARE

“Break Bread” produced by The ARE

These guys are some of the purest spitters in Houston.

I am a fan.

They could probably eat your favourite rappers alive. Yep. In fact, there isn’t a rapper or emcee with a mixtape/ep/project/album out right now or floating around on zshare or these blogs that can see these guys on the mic. Hello hipster rappers! Furthermore, a lot of rappers out there just aren’t good; don’t know how to rap. Hello again, to the days where swagger is meaningless if you don’t have the skills to back that shit up. Pay attention. Yes, I know we boys and all, but these guys rap better than you. © Hex Murda talkin’ about elzhi rapping better than you too Oh, and if you don’t like this. You don’t like rap and/or are too dumb to get it. </rant>

That said, they are all nice guys. Do reach out and say hello to some greats you just got introduced to.

The unique trio of Synato Watts aka Khalif, Snap aka Clay Red and D-Ology aka Dk. Myndbndr comprise an amazing array of fully automatic hype cannons that blaze verbal logic and reason for the rhyme. Never ones to mince their words, a carefully chosen arrangement of topics from generosity in the warm and inviting “Break Bread” produced by The Are, to the war calling sirens and wails of “The Heart” produced by Mirawge Bizarre and gets at the issue of being under the scope of the ever watchful eyes. For the uninitiated to H-Town legend D-Ology, he is quite possibly one of the best to ever spit on wax and he goes in heavy on the J-Dilla produced “This Ol Coon”.

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Vocals by Snap, Khalif, D-ology
Produced by Mike B, Mirawge Bizarre, The ARE, Domo, J Dilla, Khalif, OH NO!

1. Intro / Demonstrate (Produced by J Dilla) / World Turns (Produced by Mike B) / Renegade Renaissance (Produced by Mirawge Bizarre)
2. Close Encounters (Produced by The ARE)
3. The Struggle (Produced by The ARE)
4. Independence (Produced by Khalif)
5. Nose Bleeds (Produced by OH NO!)
6. Projects (Produced by Domo)
7. Interlude
8. PULSE (Produced by Mirawge Bizarre)
9. We Got It (Produced by The ARE)
10. Break Bread (Produced by The ARE)
11. The Heart (Produced by Mirawge Bizarre)
12. This Ol Coon (Produced by J Dilla)
13. Bottom Feeders feat. Kazi Noble / Outro
14. The Walk (Produced by The ARE)
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