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Rappers I Know Throwback: Olympians on Rappers I Know

By August 20, 2008Music, Real Life

So, today was the first time this year that I’ve had time to watch any of the Olympic Games going on in Beijing. Primarily Women’s Gymnastics and BMX Racing, but alas, Olympic competition nonetheless.

Got me reminiscing on my Track & Field days in high school, summer league & my multiple AAU Junior Olympics competitions, and University Track & Field at Rice and all the cool people (and some busters too) that I met through athletics.

One of those was Olympian Obadele Thompson, who also happened to be featured on Rappers I Know as a talented producer in an Austin, Texas based (although each member hails from Barbados and Philadelphia originally and formatively) in and emcee/producer combo group called The Scripwiz Movement with emcee Element 7D. Bavu & Rob Viktum speak highly of them, and I’m sure more fam from back in Texas do as well, although I haven’t been in as close touch as anyone would like.

So yeah, here’s my “Olympic” post. Also, a throwback to 2005 when I first started this blog and when I had more time to do this the way I wanted to. Cheers to those good times man.

Here is a snippet of a song Oba sent me back in ’06. I didn’t post the whole joint, ’cause I don’t want him beating me down when he sees me. Plus, he run faster than me, so it’s not like I could get away if I decided to run.

The Scripwiz Movement “Incredible” Snippet

P.S. My access to has been blocked by the day job somehow. I haven’t been able to get to my site for weeks. So updates will be slow til I get that worked out, or get the nerve to update things from home. Peace to Quartermaine from Critically Acclaimed, who I met today. Low Budget! What up Pete, what up Oddisee!

P.P.S. I need an intern at the day job for the Fall Semester. If you are enrolled in college in the NYC area, and want to intern for me at HOT 97 primarily working on and stuffs, holler at me at holla at rappers i know dot com.


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