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Back in the days, Us vs France

By August 7, 2008Music


  • nation says:

    wesh ma guele
    bien ou bien

  • Lukandaheadz says:

    “..if not for Solaar who was really good before 95”

    How about IAM ( with their albums “.. de la planète Mars” (1991) and “Ombre est lumière” (1993), how about Dee Nasty ( the French hip hop DJ and pioneer since the early 80s (by the way, go and check his 2004 release “Underground Forever”, my personal album of that year ) or Suprême NTM ( with their albums „Authentik“ (1991) and „J’appuie sur la gachette“ (1993)…only to name a few!

    Forget about Solaar, he lost all his credibility with what he released over the past decade. While his time the game seems to be over, IAM is still to be viewed as the most influential Non-English hip hop group in Europe!

  • Hey,

    You didnt learn me anything about what you said, but you might learn to others people who read that.
    I’m not a big fan of IAM, as i like cool flow, smooth like solaar back in the days. I don’t like him anymore, for sure, what he does now is so far from thoses songs i put. Now he is a mixe between pop, rock and shit..

    Dee Nasty is for sure one of the most important rap personnalities in France, as he started before everybody in france that’s mean in the 80’s.

    The thing is i’m not done witht this kind of posts, i want to do 95 to 2000 and then do again 90 to 95 with others artists (if not it would be too much video in one post), and thoses you quoted, even if it isn’t the ones i prefer, they are the biggest in france. So you missed up a little my thing lol ( kidding ! )
    After 95 we had oxmo, i guess rocé released something too before 2000 but i didnt liek him that much because his last album, kery james, pit, etc etc and the ones you quotes were/are still there.

  • By the way, do you know any good album released in 92 ? Because it was my only difficulties, for the others years i had several choices.

  • A last thing, i said we were better after 95, that doesn’t mean we had nothing before, i just prefer Oxmo, Fabe, Rocé & co than AIM and NTM.

  • Dj bassline says:


    There are a lot of artists before and after :

    Sleo , la cliqua, les sages poètes de la rue, soon e mc…….

    Now you have a very beautiful jazz hip-hop scene like Hocus pocus, Enz, jazz lib, moar, drum brothers, micronologie……..

    Find it and listen to it !!!

    Benjamin aka dj bassline

    Listen my musical show in podcast , we play hip-hop soul funk afrobeat, latino !! or

  • “Now you have a very beautiful jazz hip-hop scene like Hocus pocus, Enz, jazz lib, moar, drum brothers, micronologie……..”

    Yes i already posted about Hocus Pocus, I will about Jazz Libz.
    And we have a lot of nice beatmakers in France too, as onra, dela, cris prolific, etc and some less “famous”.

  • Liz says:

    J’en place juste une pour Lionel D “Pour toi mon frère le beur”
    La vidéo arrache tout mais bon on ne renie pas ses pionniers

    Big up to Lionel D “Pour toi mon frère le beur”
    The videoclip is kind of tacky but you cannot forget the pionneers

  • Dude says:

    And France got her own Beastie Boys : the Svinkels!

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