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Belgian Hip Hop : Baloji

By July 24, 2008Music

Baloji is a belgian emcee, who comes from Congo. His flow isn’t the best, but the lyrics are pretty good. And i really like the videos clips.

This first video, called “Tout ceci ne vous rendra pas le Congo“, speaks about Congo for sure. He is speaking about the colonisation of Congo (began around 1879), the division Democratic Republic of the Congo(Zaire. Belgian colony) / Republic of Congo (aslo knows as Congo-Brazzaville. French Colony). And how the europeans came to Congo with a frag and claimed it was our place, came with bible and gave that to them as the true (the voice of this old man around the 7th minute). And how we changed this country, and left them without nothing. The title means ” All this won’t give us back the Congo”. Baloji speaks about all the injury/damages we made, and the fact that this country as well as all the others countries in Africa are broken by the colonisation (engendering tensions and war into those countries )

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In this second video he is speaking about the way a simple sexual relationship can changes into a big problem, a serious relationship, when you just don’t protect yourself, aren’t carefull. And how you can try to deal with it, and assume it. “Learn how to love”.


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