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Nas @ Blender at Gramercy Theatre, July 15

By July 17, 2008Music


  • brewlowlife says:

    my man 100 grand n all get the album…

  • Wraithe Fantum says:

    No doubt. A must have album for this year. A more spiritual progression that the past 2 offerings, Nasty Nas is back in rare form and Jay’s (Electronica) influence is subtly apparent throughout. Standout tracks include “Queens Get The Money”, “We’re Not Alone”, and “Cant Stop Us Now”.

  • No offense to Nas, but he kind of just stands in one place on stage. He doesn’t control the stage like a Kanye or a Jay-Z or an Eminem, but he more just chills and raps in one spot. It’s kind of hard to get into his shows in person, in my opinion. His albums are leagues better than the aforementioned people, but still, he could improve his stage presence. Does anyone else think that or am I crazy?

  • no u’re right david epstein… Nas isn’t the best on stage… Kind of boring after a while.

  • polorican says:

    yo nas!! you know u need dj premier!! yo nas!! u know u need 9th wonder!! yo nas you know u need marco polo!! yo nas u know u need large professor!!yo nas u know u need alchemist and some of them dark prodigy beats!!! and peterock!!!! oh, and by the way beats are very weak on the new album.

  • MDNBK says:

    I am feeling the new ‘untitled’ album. The beats are watered down on this one. I think Nas wanted the focus to be the lyrics and content versus the window cracking, neck snappin, bust yo sh***open beats he could have picked. How many albums does he own Def Jam? After this one he might be looking for a new home. I don’t know how political they are at DJ but I don’t think this one is going to go diamond. The fact that Nas going nasty with some heavy media players might cause it to get hot in the kitchen. We’ll see if the label can take the heat. One song has the dark and scary name of Louis Farrakhan in the hook. Class? Can you say….”Blacklisted”?? Very good!!! Now let’s have some chicken and watermelon, talk broken english and drug selling…..

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