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The Magical Touch (Picnic Tyme Beat Sampler)

By July 7, 2008July 20th, 2017Music

Picnic Beats = The Biz
When he was like 13 years old he did the Almighty Dollar for Devin the Dude. Picnic is one of the most diverse cats on the planet — comfy making Cutlass bangers or electro brit, bits and such — and so far has been Robin to S1's Batman or vice versa… or sumpn. He also masterminded PPT [the group that was so genius, they broke up 6 days after their second album “Denglish” came out] and PPT had a SOUND.

He has nice artwork too, this Picnic feller

He has nice artwork too, this Picnic feller

“The Magical Touch (Picnic Tyme Beat Sampler)” produced by Picnic Tyme

Picnic Tyme (Cannabinoids, Cassette Union) delivers the “magical touch” beat sampler. Another glimpse into the Picnic Tyme catalog of beats. For those in need of beats, here it is. Serious business only!!!! If no, just enjoy the tunes. DOWNLOAD IT OR YOUZA HEAUX… nah, pretty much though, yeah…

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