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Soulja Boy Wins :(

By June 19, 2008August 10th, 2008Music, RIK.TV

Soulja Boy won:

dawg, all respect to Ice T, but u dont blame a 17 year old boy

U wanna blame someone, blame the DJs spinning his record in his city
blame the sorry state of hip hop that your generation let my generation have to suffer thru (puff, jay, russel simmons, nas, etc)
blame the dollar over anything else record execs that signed this boy to a deal and distributed his music widely
blame the music buying public for having lowered standards (thanks to the neptunes selling everyone the same beat for their lead singles for like 6 years straight for example)
thank this culture’s obsession with reality tv and voyeurism, we on some Philip K Dick/Running Man shit for real
thank all them niggas that valued business over art in the late 90s early 00s that dismantled the need and use for any hip hop of urgency or weight or any social or artistic value in the mainstream
blame shitty A&Rs
blame the press for hyping mediocre records to the point the go plat in one week in this fucked up economy/market (i see you lil wayne)
blame niggas that could have made a difference that let their ego and pride and personal ambition get in the way of them making a difference (hello qtip ali phife dangelo the roots mos kweli common)
blame the industry only looking at 3.5 American cities for hip hop acts anyway like they won’t run out of talent (new york los angeles atlanta and maybe chicago). Detroit city makes better hip hop than any city on earth, the bay is sick, houston is multifaceted north carolina is home of the goddamb justus league

Ice T crazy; soulja boy killed it? That kid just getting in where he fit in
Ice T needs to go sit down somewhere

[typed on my iPhone, excuse the poor grammuhz]

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  • Roy says:

    There isn’t a problem with the music, its fun for the kids and you can dance to it so what is the problem. Im from the south and our music has always been fun and danceable I am 36 yrs old. music is music it does not always have to have a message. That’s my hip-hop but i never really listen to the lyrics any way give me the beat. who cares about his feelings or his city. The south is where I live. soulja do your thing. Let the thugs talk about drugs, violence and degrading women. And their will music will stay underground.

  • FWMJ says:

    roy, that might be one of the most poorly written arguments i’ve ever read.

  • PhilNick says:

    “blame niggas that could have made a difference that let their ego and pride and personal ambition get in the way of them making a difference (hello qtip ali phife dangelo the roots mos kweli common)”

    Did you just call out these dudes as not making a difference??? WTF are u smokin’?

  • PhilNick says:

    I’m prob readin’ it wrong…

    Ice T needs to b quiet, Soulja Boy is making pop music for the masses. It’s all good. If you don’t like it change the channel.

  • Traestar says:

    First off, PIka Whaddup, bavu Whaddup, Whaddup peoples!!

    I for one understand Ice that you can’t blame Soulja Boy for hiphop single handedly. I believe that we all know who is affecting hip-hop right now, but I believe Ice-T got to a point where he is just naming names now!

    This is what I told Soulja Boy:

    “Ayo Soulja Boy, you do have a point about him blaming just you and shit. And the fact that if people are saying hiphop is dead save it. But I understand where Ice-T is coming from, the type of music thats out there that you and many other new cats like you are making right now is the fuckin same!! Soulja Boy, get money no doubt but understand your history too my nigga. Matter fact no, be original man. I understand you making music for your generation, but I can’t tell you from Hurricane Chris.

    Stand out from these guys in the game, thats what is killing Hip-hop, if you care. Remember Soulja Boy, if artists like Puff Daddy and Bad Boy Records, Jay-Z and Roc-A Fella Records, and many more artists who shined in the mid 90’s didn’t go platinum, and put a so called “RULE” that if you don’t sell like me, you’re not relevant, then you would not be receiving checks. Artists like Rakim, Das-Efx, Slick Rick, and many others were successful because they were individuals and didn’t follow crowds.

    I’m not that old from you, I’ll be 23 this year, and I grew up on different points of view of hiphop, Back then you had PArty music, Street Music, Cultural Music, all types of hip-hop, even crossovers with Rap/Rock. What ya’ll do is just party type music, talk about how it was in your hood, or a problem that you have right now, just have more subject matter and force that issue. But then I understand, there’s people out there who want you to do this because it sells.

    Ayo if you got a problem with anything I got to say, hit me back!! “

  • Traestar says:

    Actually the point you made FWMJ is what I was trying to say!

  • SoulOne says:

    Im with you on everything except the Neptunes part Frankie….dont forget, those artists had to want the same beat for 6 years in a row. Im sure Chad and P had other bangers that weren’t as similar, but they weren’t chosen and they got paid for the ones that did. If Nelly gets a “Flap Your Wings” and it blows crazy, Snoop’s gonna want one too. Same for Jay and Puff and everyone else.

    But i’m with you…lol

  • RichieRich says:

    Have you guys noticed another thing? Most(not all) of the rappers that are hating on Soulja Boy have “sons” if you know what I mean. Maybe they are just jealous of his sucess and are wishing that their sons could be have the “fame” and the “spotlight”. Just a thought, peace.

  • cwj says:

    didn’t we start the hip-hop is dead sh!t ’roundabouts the time “Men in Black” was showing up on top 40 stations and ma$e & Mr. Combs were bouncing around in mylar(tm) sweatsuits on mtv?

    or was it before that?


    I’m not certain how the people mentioned above reaching out to the yoof was supposed to stop Soulja Boy, YinYang (or insert act you don’t cut for that’s had a single go gold here). What are they supposed to do besides make good music?

  • SANDIEGO2019 says:

    ROY, ROY, ROY!!!
    If you dont listen to lyrics, what are you doing on this site anyway? That is not a comment that you make and then say “thats my hip hop”. Beats are only a fraction of what hip hop is about. Even if you are from the south, people make more than booty shaking songs down there… thats just what YOU like. Fair enough… you have that option as a human being, but dont insult people and say HIP HOP!Listen to some house, techno, dj magic mike bass music or something. Every undergound or mainstream hip hop artist does not talk about drugs and violence but if they do as long as they do it in the true form that it was meant to be done, then thats alright in my book. But if you dont listen to the words then how do you know what they are saying anyway? A large percent of your “danceable” music degrades women more than anything else out there.

    It always kills me when SOME girls out there will get highly pissed if a person she knows calls her a bitch or tells her to shake her ass, but MR. DANCEABLE SONG MAN can say “shake that ass bitch grab you titties” and she does it quickly. She says she just listens to the beat too, but she knows excatly when to drop that ass when the song says so.

    Maybe I will make a song that says “GO TO SCHOOL HO” and people will do something with their lives. 2nd single “GET A JOB BITCH”… Can you say double platnium?

  • Ice T need to shut up and sit his ancient down somewhere! He just trying to think of some way to help sell some of his lame records. Just like Soulja Boy said, if you think he killed hip hop, try to revive it.

  • Nikki says:

    I think your mouth should be washed out with soap. It’s sad that when a white person call you a nigga you want to kill them. The word should be DELETED from your nasty mouth. And do you respect your mother at all, if you do you should respect young women. Grow up Child

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