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The VPND Show #27 – Happy Birthday Donwill!

By June 5, 2008September 17th, 2008Music

this podcast was recorded on donwill’s birthday (june 4th) and so its only appropriate the podcast is very lessondary. for all you lessondary heads out there its ALOT of treats in this tracklisting, including the first song that VPND ever recorded.
[display_podcast] tracklist after the jump

kenna – goodbye to love remix (ft lupe fiasco)
tanya morgan – you should know (ft naledge of kidz in the hall)*
von pea – untitled brainchild joint
donwill + suhburb – the champ*
tanya morgan – four men (ft kay of the foundation)*
the lessondary – george n dem (ft donwill, nobody and emc)*
von pea – progress report (ft donwill)
lloyd – girls all around the world (ft lil wayne)
donwill + suhburb – slipknot*
j*davey – no more piracy remix (ft donwill)
von pea – grab ya butt
von pea – why you frontin
donwill – my thing (ft von pea)
donwill + suhburb – night time*
donwill + suhburb – diwadiwadonald*
donwill – maybe you and i
spec boogie – new york i love you
stevie wonder – happy birthday

*to download any of these full length projects click HERE


  • jc says:

    Is this going to make it onto the iTunes feed?

  • minusbaby says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Donwill!

  • Hank Gordon says:

    Whats up little D. this is Hank your next door neighbor the one that used to scare the shit out of you all the time on Tahiti Dr. I just happened to see your website and I thought that your website was pretty cool how you got it laid out I see that you are doing big things with your self and thats cool Im sorry about the death of your pops I was at the funeral and I did speak to you there was a lot of people there Iam going to miss Mr.Freeman He was cool until he used to throw me out the house Iam sure you remembered that but happy belated 32nd birthday and you are about to have another one in 3months going to be the big 33 getting old littleD. Take care Hank.

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