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Western Digital Sucks Bawlz

By June 4, 2008Music


  • Seems like everyone is having computer problems I’ve been a Mac loyalist for over half a decade and took pride that we could never get a virus. But I got a Macbook and the worst possible thing that could happen to an Apple: Kernel Panic attacks!

    Stay in there dude

  • Bush Babee says:

    it’s sad when you need a back up to the back up… I lost about 16K mp3’s earlier this year.

    My heart goes out to you.


  • k. says:

    f a western digital, they’re practically guaranteed to off themselves without warning.

    lacie’s top dog, and seagate’s steppin it up. if you’re ever in the market, keep your eye out on i caught a 750gb maxtor one-touch for 130 shipped from the dell site because of them. after a few hours, dell took it down and brought it back up to retail (170+shipping).

  • Beatwerks says:

    Sorry for your loss.

    But really, the answer is not to just “get another” like I read many times above. Backing up a first fragile hard disk with (…wait for it…) another fragile hard disk is not wise if you are really worried about the integrity of your data. In companies where data is treated as mission-critical, they back up to removable media which isn’t directly tied to a drive motor or electronics which can fail. What you lose in immediate access, you more than make up for in long term guaranteed availability. Usually they use high-end tape libraries. The consumer level equivalent of this would be DVD-Rs. Basically, for all the old finished stuff you’ll never need to reach for immediately, archive them to a stack of DVDs and stick em on a shelf so that you will only ever lose your current works in progress due to a disk failure. And of course, you should be doing backups of the current stuff too.

    FYI to k. above… Lacie is not a hard disk manufacturer, which is the real determining factor in quality/longevity. They just make the enclosures. Lacie uses Maxtor disks internally… I’m not a fan. They have the 2nd highest failure rate in my experience(older IBM/Hitachi drives were the worst). Seagate is my choice.

    $0.02 from a computer engineer

  • TOOPair says:

    That is Bawlz!!!

    I got a 250 GIG that’s doing OK right now, but it IS a WD portable. I hope there is no bad press on the portable models!!!

    I got mad beats and designs on there, business contacts, Resumes, Mixes, accapellas, plugins, brushes from photoshop, patterns, shapes, custom brushes, all kinds of creative stuff that i need to have there, so i won’t sardine crowd my laptop’s HD!

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  • Inside it’s just a standard internal harddisk, therefore, taking it apart and plugging it in a desktop computer
    would allow you to recover your data.

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