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Don’t play with me!

By May 2, 2008Music


  • Minus says:

    …or I’ll beat yo ass while I rock theses black wrangler jeans!

    I used to get some serious chills & goosebumps from this. I remember the first time I heard Public Enemy. It was like 7 in the morning. I was like 14 or 15. My ,was much older than me, just happen to pop up @ my house for the first time to give me ride to school. He just pressed play and drove off. It was the “Yo Bumrush The Show” album. It was the M.P.E. joint. the one with sirens in the hook. This brother had me by the throat all day. I couldn’t focus @ all that day. I was like this dude is seriously about to get peoples attention. And sho nuff “It Takes A Nation…” album proved me right. I’ll never forget that feeling.

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