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Sade “Give It Up” (Trackademicks Re-Edit)

Kelis “Trilogy” (Trackademicks Remix)

Janelle Monae “Violet Stars Happy Hunting” (Trackademicks Re-Edit)

1 O.A.K. “Good Bye Girl”


1. WesternSlapademickTenderSmobbinCosmicMusic
2. I Want You Back (Trackademicks Remix) Raphael Saadiq featuring Teedra Moses
3. Hollywood featuring 1 O.A.K.
4. Come Get It (Trackademicks Remix) Yummy Bingham featuring Trackademicks
5. Let It Go (Trackademicks Remix) Keyshia Cole featuring Trackademicks & Josie Stingray
6. That Girl (Trackademicks Remix) Pharrell featuring Snoop Dogg
7. Give It Up (Trackademicks Re-edit) Sade
8. Topsidin’ (Tap’s Trilslidin’ Blend) featuring MoxMore
9. Triology (Trackademicks Remix) Kelis
10. Got U Hooked Trackademicks & 1 O.A.K.
11. Don’t Let Me Leave Alone (Trackademicks Remix) Goapele
12. Bullets (Trackademicks Remix) The Editors
13. Shadows (Trackademicks Remix) Honeycut
14. Halfway featuring Phonte & Carlitta Durand
15. Valley of Love featuring Jack Davey
16. Violet Stars Happy Hunting (Trackademicks Remix) Janelle Monae
17. Goodbye Girl 1 O.A.K.

Produced by Trackademicks
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