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Che Grand – The Stew Fuzz Theme Video

By April 9, 2008Music


  • palahniuk says:

    so strange
    so dope

  • c.r. says:

    yo…is that…Terrance Stamp?!?!


    if you got a video for “action”
    that links up with the madame zenobia stickup from “uptown saturday night”.

    i wouldn’t NOT watch it

  • What’s the story behind this song? Is it a dubstep remix of another song? Either way , it’s very dope. Also, what movie are these scenes from?

  • Yo! So, I found out what scenes this was from. It’s Toby Dammit by Federico Fellini. As it turns out back in March, one of my friends who’s the festival coordinator at the Taormina Film Festival (Transformers was premiered there last year) showed me a press release they were about to put out regarding the premiere of a restored version of the film, which I think they are screening at Tribeca this month. Either way, dope concept on yalls part, and dope song. Peace


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