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Jay Electronica performing “My World” Live

By April 1, 2008Music


  • steam? so 1900s says:

    steamboat, obviously u don’t know his music. he didn’t stop any songs. that’s first off, second off, erykah was apart of the show, third, how do u account for the crowd rappin’ his songs along with him (on eternal sunshine…and dimethyltriptamine in particular)?

  • stoner says:

    Jay Elect destroyed that Nokia show with Mos DEF!! No man can stop gods plan!!**Every online web naysayer!! will soon be all bandwagoners waiting in front of the venue,on line @ Jay Electronica next sold out show !!. Suckers!

  • Steamboat says:

    I dont know his music. Thats correct. As i stated earlier, the bass drowned out his mic. His mic was crappy to begin and if standing in the front you could not understand a word.

    What do you mean he didnt stop any of his songs LMAO of course he did. Bro did you see him pacing around on stage? He didnt know what to do with himself. Wait did you actually go to the show?Thats why he kept bringing up why he was at the venue.

    Cmon man i’ve accepted the fact that Jay Elect put on a horrible show. Would i like to see the man again? YES.

    How do i account for the fans singing two listed songs? Just that. I heard the crowd able to sing along to 2 songs.

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