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Taster’s Choice: Why Damien Randle is one of my favourite MCs

By March 25, 2008February 8th, 2013Music

From D. Rose’s “What U Want” featuring Damien of The Legendary K.O. & Donwill of Tanya Morgan off Taster’s Choice by D. Rose & DJ Cozmos

ask and you shall receive
is what the powers that be, would have you believe
i’ve been a soldier about it, even standing at ease
see i’ve got it all on lock, might as well hand me the keys

i think a change in the game is long awaited
the candidate you name, i stand here nominated
and laymen complainin’ that i’m too complicated
but i won’t dumb it down so clowns get educated

sometimes it’s not even worth wastin’ my ink on
they rather listen to nonsense and ringtones
you keep repeatin’ it, unnecessarily
and they start believin’ it, involuntarily

not only against the grain, but i dare to be
there’s not a lot in the game that could compare to me
when it comes to concepts and messages
do a sixteen and fifteen is effortless

Just an exerpt…


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