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K-Otix/The Legendary K.O. – 48 Seasons Retrospective Part II: “It’s My Turn” featuring Minus of Flow Factory produced by Slopfunkdust

By December 31, 2007Music


Damien of The Legendary K.O./K-otix

1. 48
Produced by: Illmind

Illmind is one of the most diverse beatmakers out there today, and we had the pleasure of working with him and DeLoach on the Art Of One Mind album, on a track titled “Hands Off”. Before that, he blessed us with the track for “Miracle (feat. Kay)” that appeared on our C.I.G.A.C. mixtape. This may have been one of our strongest lyrical offerings at the time; the track screams at you, and you have to scream right back at it. Personally speaking, there are very few album intros that go harder than this one.

2. Drop That
Produced By Loptimist

We came across Loptimist a few years back while we were working on the Ethos project. He was a young kid from Seoul, Korea who emailed us a collection of beats and said that he wanted more than anything to work with us. We instantly fell in love with his tracks at first listen, and the rest is history. You probably heard him first on the remix to “Remain Cautious” that appeared on Ethos. Mark my words – he’s going to be one of those guys that everybody’s talking about pretty soon.

3. 2nd Coming (World Premiere)
Produced By DJ Cozmos

Many of the great artists maintain a mantra or recurring theme throughout their bodies of work, and we just happened to fall into that tradition. The ‘world premiere” motif signifies to the listener that whatever they’re listening to is new and original; not recycled or stale ideas. This track has been a crowd favorite at shows, and has already made its way to countless mixtapes and mixshows. Cozmos did his thing on this one!

4. Long Time
Produced by: Symbolyc One

This project started when we were 12 years into the game (hence, the 48 Seasons title.)Looking back from that point, we realized that we had dedicated a significant amount of our lives to make the music that we love. We ran across our fair share of obstacles along the way and still managed to persevere. During our travels we came across Strange Fruit Project at a show in Dallas; we were on the same bill as they were. I think both groups were instantly impressed by the other, and we hit it off immediately. Symbolyc One is one of the most versatile and consistent producers out there, and we just had to have a piece of the pie.

5. Untitled II (featuring V Zilla)
Produced by : Moonshine

There are very few people out there who personify the “grind” mentality as well as V-Zilla does. He’s truly one of the rawest pure talents in our extended family, and always brings out our more aggressive side when we record with him. This track features three of the strongest verses on the record (probably because everybody was competing against each other.) Moonshine’s work on it was truly ridiculous.

6. Stand Down (Featuring The Niyat)
Produced by: Loptimist

The 3 MCs that make up The Niyat are honestly some of the best lyricists that we’ve ever heard. Period. They were among the very first artists that we ran with when we first started making music. At the risk of sounding like a pole jockey, it might be safe to say that they have continued to inspire us over the years. They’ve kind of been the bar for lyricism in our minds. The last time that we collaborated with them was over a decade ago, so the time was long overdue to get back in the studio with them.

7. Talkin Bout
Produced by: DJ Cozmos

This is another one of those “crowd favorite” tracks. We tried it out while we were on tour in Europe, and it always got a good reception. Once we brought it back home and tweaked it… it was magic. The version on the album is the 3rd version. There are two versions of the video for this song available online.

8. For The Part 1
Produced by: DJ Cozmos

If there’s one thing that we’re known for, it’s our occasional sarcastic wit. “For The…” typifies this better than any other song we’ve ever done. Obviously, it makes light of the fact that most popular music is geared towards preying on whims of the female consumer. We knew that this would be either one of the most popular or most hated tracks on the album. Ironically, almost every woman that has heard it… likes it.

9. For The Part 2 (Featuring Cat Corley and Petu)
Produced by: Kay of The Foundation

Surprisingly, this was the first time that we collaborated with any female MCs on one of our tracks. Even more surprising, Cat and Petu have been down since the very early days KO many, many years ago. What better way to pay homage to beautiful, intelligent women than by featuring two of them on the song with us? And if you’re curious – that’s DJ Cozmos talking during the bridge. Sometimes we just turn on the microphone and walk away. One of the funniest people ever. Period.

10. The Nicest
Produced by: Loptimist

“The Nicest” was actually a last minute addition to the album. Loptimist sent the track as we started the mixdown process, and we jumped all over it. That sample is as infectious as any other that you’ll hear.


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  • FWMJ says:

    There are certain emcees out there that when they flowin’, there’s no one else you wanna hear on the mic next to them. For me, Minus is one of those emcees. Everytime I ever witnessed him record I was amazed. It’s always the quiet ones that will bust yo ass. Too much talent in Houston.

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    which will make the greatest changes. Thanks for sharing!

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