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Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle

By November 1, 2007Music

In Seattle for the Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle Finals where Rappers Producers I Know & Beat Fanatics, Marco Polo, Algorhythm, Jake One, Vitamin D, Slopfunkdust, Kay of The Foundation, The ARE, Symbolyc One and a buncha other dope MFers have converged to play the beats and watch the madness. That’s Slop and Kay at a Panera Bread stealing Internet while we waited for The ARE to land from New York.

Everyone that’s sent me music I told you I would post, I haven’t forgotten you! Just been busy with the day job and all these covers I need to finish and mail out (What up Dom & Ian, I know y’all mad at me :'( )

More pics later tonight or tomorrow. Seattle folks, hit me up! Email us at rappersiknow at!

P.S. Hi Teiko


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