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Lupe’s Midnight Marauder Fiasco

By October 8, 2007November 9th, 2013Music, Opine

This Knucklehead Lupe said:
“I respect hip-hop and i dont know one word of Midnight Marauders and truthfully dont have the interest to go and find out…”

Ol’ bum ass nigga.

The homie Miss Info talked to Q-Tip and he said this:

“I’m not trying to make this any bigger than it is. But, I just want to clear up one thing:

We never hunted him down and begged him to be a part of the show or anything like that. His name was pitched to us by VH1, and we said, ok cool. The only time I spoke to Lupe about the Hip Hop honors performance was on a conference call, which we did with the others artists too, like Busta and Common, to plan the performance.

When VH1 brought his name up, based on what he had said about us before, I thought it was ironic and it kind of humored me. All that stuff he said about never listening to a Tribe album before and having no interest in doing so, it doesn’t make sense to me.

As I said on the show itself, it was listening to NWA’s Straight Outta Compton that inspired us to make Low-End Theory, and years later, I spoke to Dr. Dre and he told me that hearing Low-End Theory, inspired him to make The Chronic. That’s what music does. That’s what artists do, they seek out information, of all kinds.

But no, I never hunted him down to be part of the tribute. That didn’t happen.”

Lupe Lost.


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  • not a gullible mother fucker says:

    You all are fucking idiots to actually believe that Lupe would say something like this. After all of the messages that Lupe has been trying to get through your dumbass skulls, you actually believe that he would throw all of that away in an instant? This is obviously just set up by some butthurt asshole because Lupe refused to do what the butthurt bitch wanted.

  • FWMJ says:

    merry christmas, idiot.

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