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Elucid – Smash & Grab Mixtape

By August 23, 2007September 20th, 2023Mixtapes, Music

Smash & Grab Mixtape

Produced by Johnny Cash, M.I.A., Ratatat, The Black Lips, Bjork & Brook D’Leau?!!
Words by Elucid
1. Intro
2. Army of Me
3. Nostrand
4. $20
5. Cut You Down
6. FeatDoesNotExist
7. Battle Scars featuring Von Pea
8. Yesterdejavu
9. Cardboard Lamb
10. Veni Vedi Veci
11. Outta Control
12. Vietnam
13. The Fatalist
14. South Jamaica ’87
15. LaLaLand featuring J*Davey
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