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  • soofly229 says:

    been lovin this dude since the 10th grade back in 93-this fool was lendin d-boy language then. ain no n**** like a trill azz n%%%* cuz the rest of ya’ll n***** ain SHYTTTTTTTTTTT!!! kno what im talkn bout?!! rip chad
    pimpn ain dead just restn

  • t hill says:

    yo does anybody have this in a mp3 format. i gotta have this joint

  • macphil30 says:

    all these weak ass niggas downin pimp need to get the fuck on, nigga pimp a legend,been down in the game since 90,get yall weight up and then speak,fools,this nigga rich-bitch u thank he aint?

  • tony snow says:

    Motherfuckin talkin down on the pimp i know you aint been gettin money or livin rugged since your oblivios to whats been goin down in the south. Need to stay your cracker ass on a bluegrass blog with that nonsense. S.U.C. nigga what!

  • Ozone Mag says:

    His interview was in Ozone..not Complex!

  • d loc says:

    fuk yal pimp c jus gettin on yal gay as fuk a town yal da gay capital d town bitchhhh

  • Alief Diplomat says:

    Daaaaamn the “dickies” song was made waaaaay before he passed away at least 4 years ago n it barely came out??? labels is shelving niggas jams n hogin the real shit… “in da streets not industry”

  • Mac D says:

    Who ever said pimp c hatin must not know pimp c that man a real dude this cat Juju ain’t no muhfuckin artist look dude you ain’t in tha rap game my nigg are ya? Don’t say Fuck sum real niggas that held it down for Texas they UGK UNDERGROUND KINGZ they ain’t no fuckin Hollywood niggaz mane betta hold ya tongue bout some shit like fuck pimp c that type shit nigga hear ya sayin u might b a target ain’t nobody gone proach pimp cuz thas pimp c he gone say wats on his mind like young jeezy said u got ya nuts pumped i see ya..betta deflate em I wanna know is why T.i still hustlin when he got millions getting charge after charge that dew stupid but rappers are spittin alotta lines in they raps that ain’t real all I gotta say is Pimp C spit 100% real shit thas why I like em …shout out to Gucci mane and 1017 real niggaz right …soulja boy a one hit ducking wonder nigga thy shit only got him so far but look nigga strugglin to get back were he was hahaha dude needa come up wit some better lines something whoever making dem beats soulja boy got tight beats but wack lines he got on quick wit day dance song real talk but look he went to far after that he cranked errthang hell that don’t make no sense but songs prettyboy swag was bumpin tha beat was tight but he can’t write I’m tellin ya he relyin on beats to save em

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