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Kay – The Talk Show: Blog 3

By May 11, 2007Music

The Talk Show: The Second Quarter…

“Walked On By” is a song that I always thought was dope but Stokely never finished it. Chris let me hear it one day and I thought it would be good to do a 21st century “Passing Me By” type song. Now generally I don’t do songs of this structure because its more Stokely in the beginning and not me. However, it’s so dope that I decided to put it on anyways. Sometimes, I think emcees get caught up in the shine and don’t give the people the best music possible. As a result, many albums sound top heavy. Thanks to Mint for this song. I’ll probably be in Minnesota this summer.

“Ms. Jones” is a hip hop girl is mine type song. Me and Arch from the outside looking in are two very different individuals. He is a younger, white tee-wearing brother. His verses tend to be more street and aimed at a younger audience. Me on the other hand, a married man, thrift shop clothes wearing brother. We meet this girl and begin to argue, in the song. However, since Arch and I are really alike, we understand for the need for both our styles to coexist on a song. I think it came out pretty well.

“Phone Sex” is a song I did with my play-sis, Nicole Hurst. OH NO killed it on this beat! I love the doo-wop sound and I though it would be dope if we touched on it here. I am pretty sure that a great many emcees go through this dilemma on the road.

“Da Crib 2005” is a song dedicated to the crib. This is an actual Foundation song with D. Rose whom is also in The Foundation. It’s more braggadocio on our end but the focus to me should really be on the sound and the feeling of the song. This song feels very Houston outside of what folks are used to hearing from our city. It sounds church, yet the percussion elements almost feel like you are back in slave days. At least, that’s what I felt, but I’m weird though. Lol.

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