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Kay – The Talk Show: Blog 2

By May 7, 2007May 11th, 2007Music

The Talk Show: The First Quarter…

“The Introduction” This song is Foundation styled. Chris Daddy Dave produced this along with the band. I think Meshell played bass on a version as well. I went with the big Boxing announcer voice to introduce myself because at the time I figured this release would be an event. When I started this project with Garden Seeker, I figured I would be getting a lot of guidance from Ali. However, he was a busy guy so I really didn’t get much help from him. It was a weird situation. Garden Seeker as a company did not really focus on the roster as far as Artist Development was concerned. However, by even being affiliated with the situation allowed me to work with folks just because of the Tribe association. In addition, I really stopped listening to commercial radio and really listened more to talk shows. I feel no matter how right or left wing the shows are, the listeners are at least getting a picture of what’s going on in the world. The whole premise of naming the album, “The Talk Show”, was that I wanted to actually speak on some of the issues that were going on in the world at that time in a radio format. DJ Cipher and Petu help me out with this concept by being host for the show.

“Dada” was produced by The ARE and really kind of reminds me of the Hiatus by Diamond D now that I look back on it. Not that I meant to do that, but I felt that it would be a fun song to perform. It really plays on nostalgia and is an effort to give people the feelings I used to have when I used to go to concerts. I don’t go to many now. I’ve known The ARE for about thirteen years now and he is one of my closest friends. He’s always encouraged me not to fear being an entrepreneur. My genuine nature is to play the back in order for all in my circle to shine but he made me understand that I had to put myself out in order to has some say in this game. Then I could really do some good for the scene. Thanks Russ!

“Down Syndrome” was produced by Illmind and features Phife. I am truly honored to say that I had the chance to work with 2/3 of my favorite group directly. When Phife came, it was a real dope weekend. Strange Fruit and Verbal Seed came in from Dallas and the K-otix and DJ Cozmos came over as well. I picked up Phife and brought him through to the crib and we all just joked around for most of the night. Then of course there was the freestyle session. The problem was, we were all so crunk Phife and me never recorded the song that we were supposed to do. Phife was really tired and I took him back to the hotel. The next day was more of the same. Phife and me hung out and it started to get late so we did what you should never do when recording a project. We took a nap. I went downstairs and told my wife to wake me up in an hour and Phife crashed out on the couch. After we woke up, which was about midnight we recorded Down Syndrome while watching a documentary on Marion Berry.

“Hey Babe” was produced by Justin “8 Months” Lewis. We call him 8 months because the first time he came to my crib Toby Hill started the conversation by saying “I got someone you need to meet that’s been producing for like eight months but he’s nice.” [ed. note FWMJ named him!] Generally when I hear something like that, I get extremely hard to catch up with. However, Justin came through and blew us away. The name kind of stuck. The legend of 8 Months as told by Kay. This song actually was produced by 8 Months at nine months. But he’s still going to be 8 Months to everyone in the crew. But going back to the song, Hey babe is the only new song on the album. It was done as a look back on everything that transpired with my situation with Garden Seeker at the time. I hate to say it but I am a mad rapper at this stage. I am so done with the business side of music. To all up incoming rappers. Please think twice before think about being put out by another artist! They may be good people, as in my case. However, you will never be the true focus of that label. Because at the end of the day, that artist has to eat as well.

That is pretty much it on the first quarter. Make sure to check the first commercial after Hey babe. It’s funny as hell yet so true to what you hear on urban radio. I’ll holla at you guys in a few on the second quarter.


Second Quarter

Walked on By featuring Mint Condition
Ms. Jones featuring Starchy Archy
Phone Sex featuring Nicole Hurst
Da Crib 2005 featuring D-Rose

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