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Updates & CMJ

By September 12, 2005Music

Five days left, and lots of music to go through yet and still.

I will be in Brooklyn from Tuesday evening til Sunday Morning attending CMJ courtesy of the fine folks at Loud Minority Music (best name for a record label ever, by the by).

To help counteract the insane amounts of bandwidth we’ve been gettinig the last several days, I will either wait (I know, we’re dragging this out) until I return from Brooklyn to resume “Rappers I Know” Month or at least until the last few days I am there.

So please, enjoy which is already posted, share it with folks you know, and be on the look out for what looks to be a dope final days of “Rappers I Know” Month.

Also, make sure to hit up the comments or the Beat Fanatic Music Group Commune (that’s message board for the less pretentious) and let me know if you’d like to see “Rappers I Know” Month happen again, and if so, how often. You know, just general feedback and suggestions, good, bad, and indifferent.


I have packing to do, I’ll be with y’all.



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