FWMJ’s Rappers I Know proudly presents
Soundtrack of Autumn,
the all new solo album by Marv Won.

Produced entirely by Marv Won, the album features Royce Da 5’9Boldy James, Nolan the Ninja, The Fat Killahz and Gwenation.

Available Now.

“Fire Truck” Official Video

“Air Mattress” Official Video
“Soundtrack of Autumn” Official Video


There are very few things that stay the same forever.
In order for something to grow,
it has to be different
than it was the day before.
That’s what this project
my personal transition.

Summer is gone.
The days have grown shorter.
The nights have grown longer.
The temperature is dropping.
The carefree feeling of having the sun on your face has begun to fade.

Autumn is upon us.

Now is the time to start prepping for winter.
It’s time to store food.
It’s time to gather firewood.
It’s time to prepare to bundle up.

This is the music for that season.

It’s a reminder that change is imminent.

This is the score for that change.
This is the composition for the changing color of the leaves.
These are the melodies the birds migrate to.

I give you…the Soundtrack Of Autumn.

Marv Won

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