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Back in April 2010, Producers I Know was launched as a showcase for up & coming producers. There was an accompanying Bandcamp page that highlighted several young UK producers that were associated with the Louis Den beat battle/showcase circuit. Beginning in 2011, I began to add American producers to the ranks as well as executive producing, curating and releasing beat tapes and projects either in association with Producers I Know or via the Producers I Know Bandcamp. After more than 50 releases, last August, Producers I Know released its first two physical beat tapes in Nolan The Ninja’s “lo-fi loops.” & Foul Mouth’s “Soul Louis” distributed by Fat Beats.

Following the success of those beat tapes, in Fall 2015 I planned a 6 month rollout complete with visuals, singles and a new beat tape to follow from October 2015 to March 2016 aiming for a May 2016 release for each project. After all of that work, you can now pre-order Foul Mouth’s “Winner Takes All”, long time Team PIK member Peace Of Mind’s “Drum Addict”, multi instrumentalist/composer Jaws That Bite’s ambitious instrumental project “Claws That Bite”, Pig Pen’s brooding and sinister beat tape “Incredibly Illegal” and Newstalgia’s 60’s spy film soundtrack/score inspired opus “The Formula”.

All 5 Producers I Know beat tapes will be released digitally on May 20th while “Winner Takes All”, “Drum Addict” & “The Formula” have limited edition cassette tapes dropping via Producers I Know/Fat Beats which are available for pre-order as well. The other two cassettes (“Claws That Catch” and “Incredibly Illegal”) will be released later on this Summer. Each beat tape will be limited to 100 copies and will quickly become collector’s items. Pre-order links will be provided below. DON’T SLEEP!



Foul Mouth “Winner Takes All” iTunes Amazon Google Play | Limited edition beat tape Fat Beats UGHH



Peace Of Mind “Drum Addict” iTunes Amazon Google Play | Limited edition beat tape Fat Beats UGHH



Newstalgia “The Formula” iTunes Amazon Google Play | Limited edition beat tape Fat Beats UGHH



Jaws That Bite “Claws That Catch” iTunes Amazon Google Play



Pig Pen “Incredibly Illegal” iTunes Amazon Google Play


Special Producers I Know Fat Beats cassette 3 Pack available for purchase. Click here 

Cop all of the Producers I Know limited edition cassette tapes from UGHH



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