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In 2003, Detroit maverick TaRaach linked up with a then underground MC from Orange County, California.
Raach convinced said MC to instead sing for a full project,
and the result was The Fellatio EP, under a new alias, Nathaniel.
Fast fwd to 11 years later, and Nathaniel is now a full-time singer signed to a major label
(under his original moniker),
but all that ever came out of the project that spawned it all was one 12″ single,
distributed in Germany back in 2005.

Until now.

TaRaach’s new LOVE TURL label has officially released the full Fellatio project for the first time ever,
with all new artwork & mastering,
as a free/”name your price” download.

You can stream the project in full below and download it via their Bandcamp page right here.

Vocals by Nathaniel
Produced by TaRaach
Mastered by Josh One
Artwork by Infamous Jean Claude.


Kenny most likely wrote this post while daydreaming of ice cream.

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