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J-Live, one of my favourite MCs, adds a verse to the intro from his album S.P.T.A. (Said Person of That Ability) and drops it as a single. Oh, and what's this? A video? Lyrics below.

Incase you thought the name Live was a misnomer
Hibernating mid album in a rap coma
Like “What the blood clot!” Nah son a hematoma
I flow free under the surface like print toner
So as I restart from scratch how to get your ex back

in the third quarter
Warming up to take the court in the same order
This whole ADD era error mighta thought the
Lifespan for a album was a little shorter
But being God means my plans hear my own laughter
Sometime a day really does take a thousand years
Live lines plus deadlines equal disaster
That’s the gift and the curse of a whole career
I had to take a step back to restore order
New before picture better than my old after
I sincerely love and live out supreme math to
Balance out what I want to do with what I have to
So when I fast and I prey spell it with an e
Who needs food when the hunger steady feeding me
I can’t leave long as hip hop is needing me
I got unfinished biz like EPMD
But the letters of the day still SPTA
Drop it like it’s hot cop it in the same way
If you already got it turn it up up in the party
Cause “underground” mean
It’s brand new to somebody.


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