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88 Keys… GEEK DOWN!!! © J.Dilla

By December 22, 2010February 25th, 2016Beat Fanatic, Premiere, Real Life


  • Sp says:

    Classic / I remember that message…

  • FWMJ says:

    Aw man….
    I always heard about this before, but never actually heard it.

    Either way, 88 Keys still got beats.

    but man! ouch :(

  • Slopfunkdust says:

    the mos def joints were dope. classic even… but that still doesn’t change the fact he’s a complete and total fuckin’ herb. lol

  • dojooo says:

    Damn. Treated.

  • BigProv says:

    HAHAHAHA (now plays “Geek Down” off the Shining to laugh even harder)

  • dela says:

    oh man.. that’s just wrong lol. heard about it years ago too, it’s pretty much what I expected it to be.

  • MPmakesmusic says:

    Man. haha what a clown

  • yo the dude tried to charge me 10 dollars to listen to my homies song, my homie just wanted him to know what kind of mc he was. I sent him links to soundcloud and okayplayer in the email but he said he did take music in his email even though they were links. so i approach him on aim like i have the songs for you to check out… then he was like “yeah ill listen to soundcloud BUT i charge a fee to listen to music” why pay him money to listen to a song that others have listened to for free on OKAYPLAYER and other blogs

  • underratedbull33 says:

    Hahaha. Wow. He did that. Never call a nigga on repeat without a response. I’ll give you a second try just so you don’t feel like the 1st one didn’t go through. But that’s it.

  • Insider says:

    So every body wants to know, well I’ll tell you, he is a cock sucker. He kisses ass ALL DAY. I never would believe it, if I never seen it for myself. He thinks he’s the best when his beat are ass and copies of the GREAT DILLA. He’s A copy cat. I used to hang with him until he fucked me. How can you not teach your own family beat production, talking Im only teaching my kids, NIGGA you got GIRL they don’t want to learn how to make beats only want to be fake ass princess. And that wife of your is Phony as hell. Yeah I said it KRISTA FAKE ASS NJAPA and his CHLOE AND LUCA, them kids are UGLY!!!! HE wants to have what Dilla has which is comradery but will never achieve it because he’s WACK!!!!

  • Insider says:

    And the funny thing is him and dilla had mAD beef before he died. Dilla was going in on him, Denouncing him, Calling him a beat jacker, which he is. Dilla was the beat and just blaze is a copy cat too. He stole Dilla beat and used it and made it seem like its’ his own for the Usher song and KEisha cole new slow song. Just giving you praise don’t mean shit cause he’s beat jacker. YO GEEK DOWN 88 keys cause your wack ass hell and you should never make another beat again. AND that new Talib Kweli joint aint gonna make it better for you. Now re-tweet that. And clean you dirty HOUSE cause your nasty!!!! Pot and pan nigga. Yo he is nasty as hell leaving food around the house and shit his house is filty!!!!!!!

  • Johnny Knox says:

    You are acting like a scorned bitch…Only BITCHES get mad and do shit like this. I bet you wish J.Dilla even looked your way. They were friends and that beef they had was squashed…I bet your bitch-ass would let ten yellow apes anally rape you to be friends with half the niggas 88-Keys is friends with…Pussy NIgga

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